At Chadash Yesod, we can proudly say that nobody in our congregation accepts a salary or any type of pay. We provide the gospel free of charge and take the words of our Messiah very seriously when He told us in Matthew 10:8-10 "...freely you have received, so freely give, and to not inquire gold, or silver, or brass... and take no bag on your journey." Paul also stated in Acts 20:33-34 that he "desired no mans silver or gold... but that he worked with his own hands to supply his own needs"

What does your gift go toward? We do not accept tithes or offerings, only gifts and donations. One hundred percent of the proceeds go toward providing a place for us to worship. It helps provide the Biblical Feasts, free of charge, to anyone who wishes to join us. It also helps to keep our website maintained and updated.

Please allow us to thank you in advance for your kind and generous donation. May our Father continue to bless and keep you!